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Alessandro Baticci works at the interception of music and technology.
As a composer, flautist and electroacoustic performer, Alessandro is active internationally in the field of contemporary music and sound art. Alessandro is also serial entrepreneur, inventor and product designer. He developed various electro-acoustical instruments, digital control and mapping systems, sound libraries, as well as sound and ergonomic solutions for acoustic instruments. Alessandro holds lectures and workshops in various universities across the world. He pursued studies in composition, flute, sound engineering as well as multimedia art in Milan, Vienna and Graz.

Alessandro is a Luzern Festival Academy Alumnus, fellow of Akademie Musiktheater heute by the Deutsche Bank Stiftung and Fellow of the Bogliasco Foundation (2022). His work has been rewarded with prestigious awards, such as the Staats-Stipendium of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (2021), the Publicity Award of the SKE Cultural Sponsorship (2022), the Theodor Körner Prize (2022) and the ERSTE Bank Composition Award (2023).
Alessandro is founding member of The Black Page Orchestra, as well as co-founder of the composer-performer duo Nimikry. His recent compositions include commissions for Lucerne Festival, Ensemble Modern, Klangforum Wien, Staatsoper Stuttgart and Ensemble Phace. His work has also been supported by SKE-Fonds, BMKOES, City of Vienna, AWS, FFG, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien.


Hyperflute is a brand by Alessandro Baticci SP
Hohlweggasse 37, 1030 Vienna – AT
St.Nr. 03 450/1288

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