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The bass flute, as other wind instruments creates different notes by pressing a precise combination of keys. The DigitAize mapping system aims to digitalize the finger combinations and to assign the respective note values to digital sounds f.e. synthesizers. 

To allow this the instrument is armed with a system of conductive layers that detect the information whether one key is pressed or not. The combinations are analysed by the hardware, sent to the computer and translated by the software into MIDI note numbers that can be read in any digital audio workstation or music notation software. 

The conductive layer consists of a multi-layer flexible PCB construction with open conductive surfaces placed  under the moving arm of the mechanics. 

By setting the metal tube of the instrument to ground, and by pressing a key, the electro-conductive layer can transmit the information whether the key is pressed or not (if the conductive layer touches the tube or not). 

When keys are pressed, some moving arms have no contact with the tube (in neutral position they touch the tube) and others touch the tube (in neutral position they don’t touch the tube). The informations on the key detection is sent via Bluetooth or Radio to the computer. 

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