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Questioning usual and past performance practices in live-electronics, re-interpreting pioneer works of electronic music from the 20th Century

The Austrian vocal ensemble Cantando Admont and the Vienna-based composer-performer duo Nimikry join together to present works for voices, solo instruments and electronics.

This collaboration started with a new electronic realization of L. Nono´s monumental piece “Das Atmende Klarsein” for Bass Flute, small choir and live-electronics.

After a successful production and new electronic realisation of L. Nono´s mas- terpiece “Das Atmende Klarsein”, the two collectives engaged on a journey to explore new possibilities for the combination of human voice with instrumental gestures, as well as electronic manipulation. The two collectives also explored the possibilities to re-contextualize ancient music in juxtaposition with electronic music.

The aesthetical focus in this cooperation is set on works dealing with manipulation, diverse processing and the use of live-electronics. Cantando Admont and Nimikry present new works for voices, augmented instruments and electronics in combination with Luigi Nono´s . “Das Atmende Klarsein”.

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