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Woodify is the result of a year-long personal research to find a sound quality on my flute, that would suit my taste. Being unsatisfied with the sound of my instrument, I started to experiment to find something that would give me more resistance, more dynamics as well as tone colors.

After 2 years of experiments I developed this innovative add-on.
Woodify is a handcrafted wooden sound enhancer for woodwind instruments. This patented solution enriches the sound palette of flute, allowing the player great flexibility of expression and a various color palette. Woodify is a patented sound solution. It is the result of years of research with different materials, to achieve the best sounding results, as well as the highest quality and durability of the product.
A special attention has been given to find the best possible integration with the instrument.

Each piece is precisely shaped using cutting-edge technology and superior machining. After an accurate quality test each wooden piece is then carefully hand- crafted and assembled in Vienna.

Woodify are made out of selected seasoned woods, to ensure the greatest sound results and quality of the product.

Great care is being put into the choice of quality materials and the design of each component to make Woodify a unique product.

Woodify sound solutions are made out of selected woods. Each wood type has unique sound characteristics as well as elastic properties and has been chosen for its particular qualities.

After years of experiments with different wood types and combinations, we found the perfect wood type to fit to each flute, according to it´s response to vibrations and it´s inner properties. Each wood type matched the material of the instrument.