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DigitAize is a sensor-based digital mapping system for string musical instruments. The technology works using a special resistive foil attached to the fingerboard of the instrument.

The foil is a multi-layer construction consisting of a bottom layer with four (4) distinct conductive paths parallel to the strings and separated by a slightly thicker spacer. The top layer consists of a conductive membrane facing the bottom layer. The different layers of the foil are glued together to a single construction.

This innovative solution is object of an international PCT patent application. Alessandro is active in each stage of the development of this instruments, combining knowledge in CNC-machining, computer-aided 3D design softwares and graphic design (designing the final control GUI).

Some of the features possible with this technology are:

Since 2016 Alessandro engaged in various projects focussing on the topic of digitalization of musical instruments. Together with viola-player and composer Rafal Zalech, he founded Nimikry Music OG, a start-up devoted to the development of various technologies for the digitalization of musical instruments, as well as controllers for live performances and mobile applications for musicians.

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